Educational grants and scholarships

An extensive program of educational grants and scholarships is being prepared to enhance the standing of journalists and develop young professionals.


The project aims to help in resolving legal disputes arising in the field of mass media. Emphasis will be placed on training media lawyers and advocates.

Media Studies

Studies will be conducted to examine mass media-related problems. Their results will serve as a basis for specialists in developing crisis recovery measures.

Transformation of the print media

The project is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of print media and developing the media sector as a whole. The main objective will be to provide practical and theoretical assistance to editors of print publications.

Mass-media coworking

Establishment of comfortable and modern Mass media coworking centers equipped with computer and office equipment, with high-speed Internet, along with areas for business meetings, seminars and conferences. is a unified electronic platform for job vacancies in the field of media, which will present data on specialists in various fields: information services, PR-management, journalists, bloggers, layout designers, creative designers and others.

This is a free of charge resource for checking the grammatical accuracy of text typed in Uzbek. In addition, text formatting, dictionary search, and other functions will be made available.

Media School

Free interactive training courses for improving skills and sharing experiences among media professionals. The courses will be organized on a short- and long-term basis in two modes: offline (face-to-face) and online.


Creation of an Uzbek video bloggers community on YouTube based on international best practices. This community will include journalists, bloggers and up-and-coming video content creators.